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This collaboration with my son Dayo Harewood, includes an edit of popular hip-hop music videos showing young black women subjugated to the sexual prowess of male rap artists who portray groups of young women as potential sexual conquests, and also female artists that use their physical gifts for sexual agency and self-exploitation. The diary entry imagines Baartman's point of view on the “curious moving cages” where “video girls” willingly give away their “secrets.” In my research I was influenced by the discovery that in contemporary Nama language, South African women have a collection of secret words that only they share and know the meaning of. These words speak of private, intimate things shared between the women about their romantic world with their husbands and lovers.

Dayo Harewood is a filmmaker based in New York. He graduated from New York University’s Film School and is currently developing a television series called "Plus One", about twenty-something New York City nightlife.

Sara's Lament
Sara's Lament
LCD monitors, bell jars, video (30 sec.), fictional diary entries.