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Installation view: Richard & Dolly Maass Gallery, Purchase College/SUNY

In this installation, the work is presented in a steel cage reminiscent of the cage Baartman was said to have performed in during the early 1800s for European audiences.

The diary entry reads:
Hottentot not! Indeed!
What shall I call you George Cuvier?
Lusting to explore the secrets of my own dark continent, you pull me off my throne and use my brain, endowed backside, and secret jewels to build a throne of your own in glass jars.
Darwin, Galton, Bertillon and Murray sit with you looking down on the world of the darker ones while you ask us to masquerade in your evolutionary fairy tales.
Hear me! I am no missing link. I am not missing at all!
Your jars of glass preserve false premises.
In the end you will see. My people are good.
We will lead great nations to salvation, rescuing them from their own demise and ruination. In the end, we will see who will call who civilized!

The Baartman Diaries
Hottentot Not!, 2008
The Baartman Diaries
Hottentot Not!, 2008
Cherry, paint, horsetail hair, mirror, bell jar, booklet, steel, fictional diary entry. 5" w x 4" d x 7" h