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In the installation, Baartman's ficticious diary entry is positioned above the videos that are displayed in the bell jars. For this piece the diary entry reads:

29 December 1815
"My sisters who hold such precious endowments of luscious curves and obstreperous forms, the ones I see in the curious moving cages that remind me when I was captive to piercing, prying eyes. My dear sisters, why do you give your secrets away so cheaply? Your delicious contours, prominent backsides and dark fruits are meant for a special heart, a special one. Beware! These endowments that you proffer so willingly in these curious moving cages, that cause men to drool like hungry hyenas and blood thirsty jaguars, will wound you in the long run and all women for centuries with lascivious bites in places underneath the skin that will hurt, but do not bleed where you can always see it.

My dear brothers, who parade your women in those curious moving cages triumphantly like Napoleon who wanted to parade soldiers through the L'Arc de Triomphe. You dethrone secret treasures meant only for you and cast them to others like discarded pearls unknowing of their true value. So sadly you live in such a wealth of poverty. Beware! The slave and the slave master can be one of the same."

Sara's Lament (detail)
Sara's Lament (detail)