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Furniture is often a silent partner in the experience of social interaction. We think of chairs, tables, lights, etc., as functional and serviceable objects that help us navigate and embody physical and social space. What if a furniture form itself were to play a more active role in our social interactions? What if it’s role in the social order were more present and participatory?

This unassuming chair sets the stage for a humorous, interactive, multimedia installation that elevates the chair from social object to social participant. Using audio of eight different voices in six different languages (English, French, German, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish), this chair seductively solicits the viewer to sit on it and responds through electronic, sensory media.

Click arrow to hear sample audio in English, Spanish, and Mandarin (1:31).

Come on (chair)
Come on (chair)
Found chair, audio speakers, sisal matte, electronic and digital media