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the new materiality
the new materiality

The New Materiality: Digital Dialogues at the Boundaries of Contemporary Craft is an exhibition I have curated that originated at the Fuller Craft Museum in Massachusetts in 2010. It has started a national tour and was recently on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum where it will ran through June 12, 2011. It continues at the Asheville Museum in North Carolina and will also travel to the Arkansas Art Center opening April 13, 2012. The exhibition examines the work of sixteen established and emerging makers working in traditional craft disciplines who are treading compelling territory between traditional mediums and emergent technologies.

Exhibitors include:
Brian Boldon, ceramics/glass, MN
Shaun Bullens, furniture/wood, RI
Sonya Clark, fibers/textiles, VA
Lia Cook, fibers/textiles, CA
Donald Fortesque with Lawrence LaBianca, furniture/wood, CA
Wendy Maruyama, furniture/wood, CA
Cat Mazza, knitting, NY
Christina Matson, fibers/textiles, IL
Nathalie Miebach, basketry, MA
Mike & Maaike, jewelry, CA
Tim Tate, glass, PA
Susan Working with E.G. Creighton, furniture/wood, CA
Mark Zirpel, glass, WA

The Fuller Craft Museum
Wyona Lynch McWhite, Executive Director
Gretchen Keyworth, Director Emeritus
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Catalog cover design:
Sametz Blackstone Associates, Boston,
and Kathryn Price

Cover image:
Brian Boldon
"Looking and Blindness" (2006)
Kiln formed glass, aluminum, steel, digital glass prints, LEDs