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Opus 2 in 24 Movements (detail)
Opus 2 in 24 Movements (detail)

A still from the video within the piece which was shot and edited by my collaborator and son, Dayo Harewood, a filmmaker in New York. The still shown is actually of me making the work.

Dayo's companion essay to mine from the exhibition catalog:
It is not a total surprise that I find myself collaborating on creative projects with other artists. I consider myself a filmmaker first and foremost. In my role as director I visualize a shot, a theme, an emotion, a mood, and a message. To realize and fulfill my complete vision, it is necessary to hear the voices of the creative team around me, whether it be a set designer, wardrobe stylist or director of photography.

With this project, I’m lucky to be able to join my voice and creativity with the person whose life and vigor has inspired me the most: my mother, Fo Wilson. Most of my inclination toward creative art stems from her example and confidence. The arts have also been one of the avenues for which we have always been able to share and communicate freely.

Through this project I have been able to grab a deeper perspective on her process and her design philosophy and the importance she places on craft versus design in the process of creating. This philosophy was not immediately tangible to me while shooting and editing this piece for our collaborative installation, but became apparent as I reflected on my own process. I start with a vision for what I want to communicate, but as I mold the piece through editing, it transforms, becoming something new and informed by the process itself.