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My curatorial projects are another opportunity for dialogue through art, crafted objects and design with the greater public. This form of engagement affords me the opportunity to create different types of discourses around material culture and the various issues that artists address in their work, than I do as a maker. As a curator, I have the pleasure of interacting with other artists and makers in the capacity of an observer and cultural critic, and enjoy the conversations that arise between them, myself as curator, the public, and cultural institutions around subjects that speak to twenty-first century visual culture and artistic production.

I am often asked; "Fo, why don't you just decide to be either an artist, educator, writer or curator? Why do you do so many different things?" Well, when you go to a restaurant, do you always eat the same food? These days, you can have a conversation via phone, snail mail, email, cellphone, Skype, instant messaging, and texting. You can keep in touch with large groups of people at a time with Twitter, and social networking sites like Facebook and the list goes on. I have different kinds of conversations about art, craft and design in each of the areas I work and I enjoy all of the different work that I do. Why not?